Minor wrinkling? Tiny lines? A Light Peel Could Be Right for You

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As early as the early to mid 30s, our skin can begin to show the first signs of aging – those tiny lines and wrinkles that occur most commonly as a result of sun damage and other environmental exposures like smoke or pollution. And for most of us, they come as an unwelcome surprise. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: Light chemical peels.

Today’s light chemical peels can help reduce or eliminate those wrinkles and improve the overall appearance and texture of your skin. Most contain ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid, vitamin C and other chemicals designed to help improve skin turnover and slough off the upper layers of skin where early damage occurs. There are several different types of light chemical peels. The three most popular include the Jessner’s peel, ViPeelTM and Precision peel. Here’s what you need to know:


The ViPeelTM uses a proprietary mix of ingredients reduce or eliminate sun damage and minor signs of aging as well as improving areas with hyperpigmentation and rosacea. There are lots of benefits:

  • There is virtually no discomfort; most patients report only a mild warm tingling sensation.
  • The peeling only lasts two to three days and there’s no downtime.
  • Results are visible in about a week.
  • It’s safe for all skin types.
  • It can be used on the face, hands, chest and neck – even in the eye area.

The ViPeelTM is typically used a couple of times a year to achieve the best results.

PrecisionTM Peel

PrecisionTM uses a stronger mix of ingredients than the ViPeelTM, and is usually used in combination with ViPeelTM to enhance the results and treat more significant signs of early aging. The formula was designed to be about 25 percent stronger than the ViPeelTM to address slightly more advanced wrinkling, sun damage and stubborn hyperpigmentation on the hands, face and chest.

Jessner’s Peel

Named for its developer, dermatologist Max Jessner, this peel combines salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol to slough off upper layers of damaged skin and help improve skin turnover to uncover the healthy layers of skin below. Like the ViPeelTM, the Jessner’s peel involves no downtime, generally causes flaking and peeling that persists for two to three days and ultimately revealing results in about a week.

All peels can help you have younger-looking skin by improving skin texture and stimulating the development of collagen, which helps skin appear plumper and more resilient. Combined with a regular program of home treatment, including proper cleansing and moisturizing, light chemical peels can help you get the results you want without any downtime. Performed as part of your regular skin care routine, these peels can help you fight the signs of aging and reduce or eliminate mild acne scars while providing skin that looks fresher, rejuvenated and more toned. To learn if a light chemical peel is a good choice for you, contact our office today at 212-772-7242 and schedule an evaluation.

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