Holiday Foods and Drinks Your Skin Will Love

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The holidays are here, and that means plenty parties with lots of good food and good drinks. It’s easy to overindulge this time of year, and unless you’re careful, when January rolls around, your skin could look the worse for wear. This season, ward off regrets by making smart choices at your holiday parties. Here are seven snacks that please the palate as well as the skin:

  1. Beer: Beer has plenty of antibacterial properties that, when consumed, work from the inside out, helping the body ward off toxins that can damage organs including the skin. Plus, it packs a healthy dose of potassium, which is great for fighting dry skin. If you have any left over, consider a beer facial – very popular in Europe.
  2. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate contains flavanols, chemical substances that can help the skin ward off sun damage and increase blood flow to the skin so it gets a bigger boost of nutrients important for regeneration and health. Studies have also shown that eating dark chocolate can help the skin stay hydrated, which is a great benefit during winter when both indoor and outdoor air tends to be very dry.
  3. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is another food that helps fight damage done by free radicals, thanks to its high levels of vitamin A, a strong antioxidant. Plus, pumpkin contains lots of fiber and plenty of minerals that are essential to healthy, young-looking skin. In fact, the skin-related benefits of pumpkin are so plentiful, many spas are offering pumpkin facials, and you can find pumpkin-packed skin care products on many drugstore shelves.
  4. Fresh veggies: OK, maybe not as exciting as chocolate, but if you have a lot of parties to attend, it’s nice to know there’s something to nibble on that won’t cause problems with your skin later on in the season. Thanks to the wonders of modern grocery stores that ship fresh produce year ’round, most parties feature at least some raw veggies to snack on. Indulge, knowing these little gems can pack a powerful punch of good-for-you fiber that helps your body clear itself of toxins that could otherwise damage your skin. If the plate includes broccoli or carrots, grab a handful – they’re both full of antioxidant vitamins like vitamins C, E and A that help fight off free radical damage that can cause your skin to age prematurely.
  5. Cranberries: Yes, you can drink them in a spritzer and still enjoy their vitamin C, but to get the most benefits, eat these berries whole since a lot of their goodness can be found in their deep red skins. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, plus the berries are full of skin-clearing fiber.
  6. Cheese: Most cheeses contain the mineral selenium, which is an important nutrient for healthy, glowing skin. Plus, it has plenty of calcium, which is essential for skin health and regeneration as well as wound healing. While you don’t want to overindulge – cheese also has fat and calories – indulging in a few cubes can boost skin health and also help you feel less hungry overall.
  1. Red Wine: Red wine contains lots of antioxidants like resveratrol, which can help your skin fight off damaging free radicals. Since resveratrol is partly responsible for red grapes’ red color, you won’t find these benefits in white wine, so to maximize the health benefits for your skin, stick with reds like merlots, pinot noirs and cabernet sauvignons.

The most important thing to remember when enjoying a holiday feast is not to overindulge; even too much of good thing can backfire. And of course, never drink and drive.

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