Its Winter and My Skin is Soooooo Dry – Try These Moisturizers

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Wintertime means dry skin, and without proper care, that can mean itchy, cracked skin that’s uncomfortable to live with as well as more prone to infection. Making sure you provide your skin with lots of extra moisture is an important step in keeping it healthy and preventing that bothersome itchiness. Here are some products to try:


Containing both hydrocortisone for itch and urea for powerful moisturizing benefits, Carmol provides a one-two punch for skin that’s suffering from wintertime dryness. Urea occurs naturally in healthy skin, providing beneficial moisture your skin needs to stay healthy. In the winter, skin often becomes depleted of urea, so using a product like Carmol that helps replace it is a good idea. For best results, apply a thin layer – really, that’s all you need – once or twice a day, depending on how dry and itchy your skin feels. Like most moisturizers, Carmol works best when applied on a regular basis. To remember to use it, try to apply it at the same time each day and always follow your doctor’s directions regarding how often and where to apply it. Also be sure to wash your hands after applying Carmol – unless you’re applying it on your hands of course!

High-intensity moisturizers

These include products aimed at providing deep, intense moisture in areas that are especially prone to dry skin. While some products are light enough for use during the day, other formulas may be a bit heavy, and therefore best used at night. Try before you buy if possible to make sure the product you’re considering feels right for your use.

Over-the-counter moisturizers

Visit any drugstore and you’ll be amazed – and probably overwhelmed – by the number of moisturizers being offered. To help you make sense of the selection, here are a few good ones to try:

  • Proteque Intensive Therapeutic Skin Protection Lotion: Proteque’s special formula is strong enough to treat the toughest dry skin including eczema and dermatitis – even skin that cracks as a result of dryness – yet it’s gentle enough to use on children (and even your pets!). Its combination of deep-acting emollients and antibacterial agents helps protect skin from dryness as well as pathogens that take advantage of dry, chapped skin.
  • Lac-Hydrin Five Lotion: Lac-Hydrin Five contains alpha hydroxy acids to help battle severely dry skin, removing dead, damaged cells so emollients can reach the healthy layers underneath. Use it anywhere on the body – even the face – for speedy, long-lasting results.
  • Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion: Eucerin Intensive Repair uses alpha hydroxy acids combined with super-enriched emollients to exfoliate and remove dead, damaged skin cells so the moisturizer’s benefits are delivered where they’re needed for smooth, itch-free skin. There are other formulations of Eucerin, but the intensive formula was especially developed for problem dry skin, and its effects are designed to last for 24 hours.
  • Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief 24 Hour Moisturizing Lotion: Aveeno’s 24-Hour lotion uses oat essence and shea to provide natural moisture to thirsty skin. The formula was developed especially for winter skin and the dry, itchy, flaky problems it causes. It also contains a special protectant to provide skin with a barrier that helps maintain its health.

Before applying any moisturizer, it’s always a good idea to make sure your hands are clean and to wipe the area to make sure it’s free of dirt and germs. And of course, be sure to apply regularly so your skin gets the most benefits.

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