Dr. Sadick on the Latest in Cellulite Treatments

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With summer and swimsuit season just around the corner, many women start thinking about their cellulite that’s been hidden all winter.

Dr. Sadick recently explained some of the latest treatments for the dreaded dimples.

Reaction, one of the newer technologies for treating cellulite, uses radio-frequency energy to attack the irregular fat cells on multiple layers of skin. Dr. Sadick says, “The Reaction by Viora targets both mid-dermal and subcutaneous fat cells — and also is able to heat the surrounding septum around fat cells — producing a more effective cellulite outcome for our patients.”

According to Dr. Sadick, most patients are able to see results relatively soon (after two to three sessions), and most have continued improvement for about six months, after which they require maintenance treatments about every six months.

VelaShape is an FDA-approved cellulite treatment device that combines bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light energy with vacuum and mechanical massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Studies of the technology have shown its efficacy for reducing subcutaneous fat deposits in the abdomen and flanks, and another study showed improvement in cellulite appearance in the buttocks with benefits seen as early as after the first of multiple sessions.

SmoothShapes XV is the second generation of its technology for cellulite reduction and uses dual laser and light energy with massage and suction.

Dr. Sadick reports that in a study of 20 women with mild to moderate cellulite of the thighs, 94 percent of patients were satisfied with their outcome after a series of eight treatments.

Cellupulse is another noninvasive technology for cellulite reduction that targets the subcutaneous tissue with oscillating acoustic pulses.

“We evaluated this system in 30 patients who were treated twice a week for four weeks for cellulite on the thighs, gluteal region and upper arms. The initial results are encouraging,” Dr. Sadick says.

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