Liposuction Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer in Mice

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benefit of liposuction Scientists have discovered that abdominal liposuction in mice lowers their risk of skin cancer, reports MedPage Today. Now the researchers are calling for a study to see whether humans who have had liposuction also see the benefit of lower skin cancer rates.

In the study, mice who ate a high-fat diet and received abdominal liposuction had about 75 percent fewer ultraviolet-light induced skin cancers compared to mice who did not undergo liposuction. The mice were exposed to ultraviolet light two times a week for 33 weeks.

There was no impact on skin cancer rates in mice that were fed a low-fat diet and given fat reduction surgery.

Lead researcher Allan Conney, a professor of pharmacology at Rutgers, said that it is unclear if liposuction, weight loss, or other methods of getting rid of body fat would affect skin cancer risk in humans. He encouraged epidemiologists to study liposuction patients to see if they have lower rates of skin cancer.

Fat Removal & Cancer Prevention

While scientists know that tissue fat might play a role in tumor formation, there isn’t much research on how a high-fat diet increases the risk of skin cancer. The study suggests that the belly fat in mice secretes proteins that heighten the risk of cancer, so when that fat is removed, the cancer risk is reduced.

The researchers also wonder if fat removal may reduce of the risk of other cancers as well, such as pancreatic, colon and prostate cancer.

Conney has previously studied how caffeine and exercise work to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

While there is no evidence yet that a lower risk of skin cancer is a benefit of liposuction in humans, liposuction remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures because it can target stubborn areas of fat on almost any area of the body.

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