Martha Stewart Chats Botox and Other Beauty Tricks

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Famous across the globe for impeccable taste and a keen eye for detail, Martha Stewart takes a similar approach to her daily beauty routine.

In the most recent issue of Allure Magazine, the 71 year old former model turned business woman revealed some of her most intimate beauty tricks, including the secret behind her blemish-free complexion:

“I rarely get blemishes now, but if perchance I’m starting to get one, I extract it with my old-fashion fingers, unless I’m getting a facial later that week. I don’t like metal on my face.”

“I’ve tried Botox…”

Martha also wasn’t afraid to admit she ops for the occasional Botox and Juvederm touch-up:

“I haven’t had facial surgery yet, but I did get Juvederm filler after my dog bashed my lip and split it open. I tried Botox. It works for certain things, like for skin under the chin, but I don’t want a taut jawline and a quizzical look.”

As for her more conventional beauty tricks, Martha says she cleanses her face with a hot, steamy cloth every night to loosen up her makeup. She also uses some of her expertly crafted DIY skills to formulate her very own beauty products:

“I’ve made all kinds of things. For instance, I love salt. So I use sea salt, grated lemon peel and sesame seed oil (but not hot sesame oil). That’s s a very good scrub. Sesame oil is the best oil for your skin. It has no smell and dries like a powder.”

Interested in learning more about Martha’s beauty routine? Check out her latest book Living the Good Life, a practical beauty guide for women over 40, which is due to hit store shelves late April.


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