Dr. Sadick attends the Skin Cancer Foundation Gala Event

 In Around New York

Skincare advocates gathered at The Pierre for the annual Skin Sense Award Gala, emceed by 20/20’s Deborah Roberts, benefiting the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Shiseido Cosmetics’ (America) Heidi Manheimer and 3M Pharmaceuticals’ Dr. Richard Miller were honored for their accomplishments in the field of skincare. Skin-conscious guests included: Skin Cancer Foundation President Dr. Karen Burke Goulandris; Dr. Neil Sadick, dermatologist and International Medical Advisor for Dior Skincare; Dr. Dan Baker; Estée Lauder’s Marianne Diorio; and Allure’s Nancy Berger Cardone.

More than $625,000 was raised for the fight against one of the world’s most common forms of cancer. A job well done!

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