Dr. Sadick Presents Latest in Laser Resurfacing at Plaza Athenee

 In Around New York

Remember Moore’s Law?

That’s the oft’ quoted rule that computer chips double in memory capacity every two years…meaning every techno gadget you buy will be outdated in 24 months.

Well, the advances in skin care and body shaping methodologies are nearly as rapid. That’s a good thing. In fact, we feel that we are looking at a near future where the ole’ knock em’ out, stitch it up or suck it out of facial/body contouring-will be as much of a relic as the gloomy lab that came up with the big dude Frankenstein.

At a recent breakfast seminar at the stately Plaza Athénée in New York, our host, the multi-titled dermatologist and researcher Neil Sadick MD, FAAD, FAACS, FACP, FACPh kept our eyes wide open as we took in his fast-paced presentation on the latest scientific breakthroughs. Our summary is a simplification of the hour plus meeting…so naturally, everyone needs to do his/her due diligence. And of course, it’s most critical to engage board-certified/qualified physicians in any treatment option.

Sadick began the seminar with a discussion on the second generation of resurfacing Fraxel lasers…highlighting how skin laxity, acne scaring, redness, and pigment discoloration (including tattoos) can now be “significantly corrected with one treatment” without the two week down time to heal, uneven results or sedation requirements of the old workhorse CO2 laser.

Text, J. Ecochard

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