The New Players for Younger Skin: Volumetric Fillers, RF and Broadband Facelifts

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Looking for ways to restore a more youthful, refreshed appearance to your skin? Today’s newest techniques offer lots of possibilities depending on your skin type, the signs of aging you’re experiencing, and the results you’re looking for. Here are a few to consider:

RF Lift

RF lifts use radiofrequency waves to tighten and tone skin’s structure while stimulating the growth of supportive collagen and elastin fibers; two important components for helping skin look and feel smoother, plumper and younger. By sending pulses of RF waves deep into the skin’s layers, fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed out and skin becomes tighter, firmer and more toned. RF lifts have the advantage of being noninvasive, meaning there are no incisions and there’s no downtime. They can be used on the face, neck, stomach, thighs and hands, and can also be combined with other treatments including fillers and microdermabrasion for an even better result.

Broadband Lift

Like the RF lift, a broadband facelift uses deeply penetrating waves to stimulate collagen and elastin development, and recent studies indicate the light can also help activate genes shown to reduce the rate of aging. That means a broadband lift will provide not only immediate results, but long-lasting results to help you look and feel your best for a longer period of time. Like RF lifts, broadband lifts are noninvasive and can be combined with other procedures for a complete solution to many of your anti-aging needs. Also, they can be used to tighten and tone thigh and belly skin as well.

Volumetric Fillers: A Lift’s Best Friend

No doubt about it: A traditional facelift can do wonders for wrinkly, sagging, loose skin, restoring much of the smooth appearance we once enjoyed naturally during our younger years. But in many cases, a facelift is only part of what’s needed to restore a rejuvenated, resilient appearance. That’s because a facelift is just that – a lift. It tightens the underlying tissues that support the skin, readjusting them to decrease wrinkling and even out texture while making skin appear firmer. Although it can certainly vastly improve the appearance of aging skin, it does nothing to address the second issue of aging skin: Lost volume.

As we age, skin appears older for two primary reasons: laxity and diminished volume. Even when we address lax skin with a facelift, the natural plumpness of moisture- and collage-rich skin is still not being addressed. Today’s multidimensional approach to aging skin addresses that lapse by combining fillers with a facelift procedure to restore plumpness and fill in depressions that aren’t addressed by lifting procedures. The result is a more natural, more youthful appearance that addresses multiple aspects of the aging face. For some patients, volumetric fillers may be used on their own without a lift to help fill in depressions and that sunken appearance that can occur with age.

The Next Step

These are just three of the approaches that are revolutionizing the way we think about, and treat, aging skin. If you’re experiencing those telltale signs of aging that make you look older than you feel, take the first step toward feeling more confident and more attractive: Call our office today at 212-772-7242 to schedule your evaluation and learn about all the options that can help you look and feel your best.

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