Slow down the effects of aging without the need for surgery

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Wrinkles, creases and loose, sagging skin are usually the top complaints from men and women experiencing the signs of aging on the face and neck. In years past, getting rid of those signs meant a full facelift with all its attendant costs and risks, including prolonged recovery times. Thankfully, today there are many treatments that can be combined to achieve similar results with far less cost, far less risk and no interruption in your busy routine.

One of the most successful, youth-restoring combinations involves the use of volumetric fillers and laser skin tightening techniques. Here’s how they can work together to create a more youthful you:

Volumetric fillers

Volumetric fillers are simply fillers that are used to create volume. Injected into the lines and creases on your face, fillers can help you look younger almost instantly.

There are many fillers on the market today, and the type of filler that’s best for your needs will depend on the depth of the lines and creases you’re hoping to correct, where the lines are located on your face, your age and other factors. Most injectables use different types of materials which can make them better suited for specific areas of the face or specific applications.

Products like Restylane®, Juvederm® and Perlane® are considered “temporary” fillers because they require regular touchups to prolong results over time. Radiesse®, Artefill® and Sculptra® are referred to as long-lasting or semi-permanent fillers because their effects may persist for years following treatment.

In addition to smoothing lines and creases, fillers can also be used to create fullness in the cheeks and other areas where the skin’s natural firmness has begun to diminish. In recent years, new methods have emerged that allow clinicians to “firm up” sagging, hollowed cheeks to achieve that younger plumpness associated with younger skin.

Fillers aren’t just for the face, either. Some products, including Sculptra®, can be used to “plump up” the hands. Many men and women – especially those with thin skin – find the hands show signs of aging even more readily than the face. For years, finding a cosmetic solution proved problematic. But today, fillers are doing their part to boost volume and fill in sagging areas that make hands look old and worn.

Laser skin tightening

Over time, our skin naturally becomes more lax, thanks to the effects of good, old gravity. Usually, this downward drift occurs at the same time our bodies are slowing down production of collagen and elastin, two naturally-occurring components that help skin look firm and resilient. As a result, we’re left with looser skin that tends to sag and droop.

Lasers work by creating heat and directing that heat toward the lower layers of skin, tightening and toning skin and stimulating the production of collagen. Laser treatments like Refirme®, Thermage® and Titan® are all designed to produce skin tightening effects in the face, neck, jowls and other areas of the body to give you a more toned appearance wherever you need it most.

One-two punch

The combination of volumetric fillers and skin tightening technology has been a real boon to men and women who want to look their best, but don’t want the cost or hassle of undergoing surgery. Scheduling a consultation is the first step on learning how these products and others can be combined to achieve the younger, refreshed, rejuvenated look you’re hoping for. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 212-772-7242 and schedule your consultation today.

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