A Guide to Healthy, Young-Looking Hands

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of the signs of aging occurring on your face – and why not? You can see them each time you look in the mirror. As a result, it’s the face that gets the lion’s share of special care to keep it looking its best, and to ward off those telltale signs of aging. But take a moment right now to look at your hands; are they beginning to show telltale signs of aging too?

Our hands get a lot of sun exposure during our lives, and unless we’re vigilant about always applying – and reapplying – sunscreen, they take in a lot of UV damage. Even when we remember to use lotion containing sunscreen, because we use our hands so much during the day, that lotion gets worn off very quickly.

On top of that, the skin on the backs of our hands tends to become much thinner with age, making it more prone to wrinkling. All that youthful plumpness dries up and the veins and even the bones become more visible.

Until recently, there were few options for dealing with aging hands. Yes, you could moisturize repeatedly throughout the day and even wear moisture-retaining gloves at night, but chances are you’d still be left with age spots or sun spots and leathery-looking skin that wrinkled up easily with any simple motion. That’s because simply applying hand lotion to the skin’s surface just isn’t enough to replenish plumpness and resilience lost through age.

Fortunately, science has advanced enough in the past few years to provide several options for treating aging hands, helping them appear younger and less wrinkled, including fillers and laser treatments developed specifically for hands.

  • Among filler products, Radiesse is a leader in the treatment of aging hands because it offers a dual action restoring volume while also stimulating collagen production so your body produces more collagen to provide natural fullness to your hands over time. Radiesse treatments are simple and quick, and the results can be remarkable.
  • Fraxel laser treatments are a great choice for improving skin texture, reducing or eliminating diffuse wrinkling and age spots for an all-over more youthful appearance, as well as a more even, smoother texture. Fraxel treats skin in small fractions, leaving tiny adjacent areas of skin untreated so healing occurs more quickly.
  • Q-switched lasers are also a good choice for removing age spots or other discolorations that can make your hands appear older. These lasers use short bursts of intense energy to break down and remove unwanted pigment without harming surrounding skin.

Because hands typically age in both ways – surface imperfections like wrinkling and spotting as well as loss of volume – most patients choose to combine fillers and lasers for the best results. If you wish your hands looked younger, there’s never been a better time to take control. Call us today and schedule a consultation to learn about the options that are best for you.

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