Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that’s dedicated to reshaping certain areas of the body to restore natural contours or meet an aesthetic ideal.

Many of the first plastic surgery procedures were intended to close difficult wounds or reconstruct tissue after an injury or disease.  Today, plastic surgeons offer a wide variety of advanced techniques that can improve both functional and cosmetic aspects of your body, breasts or face.

Facial Surgery

Cosmetic procedures of the face are primarily intended to balance facial features or reduce visible signs of aging.  A procedure like rhinoplasty or ear surgery can bring the proportions of the face into harmony, while a facelift, brow lift or eyelid surgery can make a person look several years younger.

Breast Surgery

For most plastic surgeons, breast enhancement surgery is a major focus.  If you want a larger breast size, a breast augmentation may be right for you.  For reshaping of the breasts, your plastic surgeon may recommend a breast lift or breast reduction.

Body Contouring

Goals of body contouring surgery include reduction of excess skin and reduction of persistent fat deposits.  If you’ve achieved a massive weight loss, procedures such as the body lift, arm lift or tummy tuck may be beneficial.  To reduce body fat in localized areas, we offer the widest selection of cutting-edge liposuction methods.


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